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190112 – Section 2   

Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public HealthBiostatisticsGarrett Fitzmaurice
TermDay and Time
Spring (Full Term) 2018  (show academic calendar)Contact host school for schedule
2.5  (show credit conversion for other schools)
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This course is intended for students who are already very comfortable with fundamental techniques in statistics. The course will cover methods for building and interpreting linear regression models, including statistical assumptions and diagnostics, estimation and testing, and model building techniques. These models will be extended to handle data arising from longitudinal studies employing repeated measurement of subjects over time.Course Prerequisites: EPI522 or BST201 or ID200 or ID201 or ID207 or BST202&203 or BST206&207 or BST206&208Formerly BIO501

Course Prerequisites: EPI522 or BST201 or ID201 or ID207 or BST202&203 or BST206&207 or BST206&208. Restriction: HSPH degree or PCE students.

Restricted to students in the MPH-EPI and summer only programs. First preference will be given to students in the MPH-EPI program, followed by summer only students. All other students must request instructor permission. Lectures will be accompanied by computing exercises using the Stata statistical package.

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