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190047 – Section 1   

Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public HealthBiostatisticsMarcello Pagano
TermDay and TimeLocation
Fall (Full Semester) 2017  (show academic calendar)MW   2:00 p.m. - 3:30 p.m.Kresge 202 (HSPH)
5  (show credit conversion for other schools)
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Axiomatic foundations of probability, independence, conditional probability, joint distributions, transformations, moment generating functions, characteristic functions, moment inequalities, sampling distributions, modes of convergence and their interrelationships, laws of large numbers, central limit theorem, and stochastic processes.Course Note: lab or section times to be announced at first meeting; cross-listed: Harvard Chan Students must register for the Harvard Chan course.Course Prerequisites: You must be a Biostatistics student or have taken BST222 to register for this course. If you have taken BST222 and are not a Biostatistics student, please ask the instructor for an instructor override.Formerly BIO230


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