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119569 – Section 001   

Faculty of Arts and SciencesFreshman SeminarsAli S. Asani
TermDay and TimeLocation
Fall 2017-2018  (show academic calendar)Tu   7:00 p.m. - 8:59 p.m.Barker 211 (FAS)
4  (show credit conversion for other schools)
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What do Muslims think of acts of terrorism committed in the name of Islam, the mixing of religion with politics, the rights of women, the ``West''? This seminar investigates the viewpoints of prominent Muslim writers on these and other ``hot button'' issues as reflected in novels, short stories and poetry from different parts of the world. Explores a range of issues facing Muslim communities in various parts of the world by examining the impact of colonialism, nationalism, globalization and politicization of Islam on the search for a modern Islamic identity. Readings of Muslim authors from the Middle East, sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia, Europe and America.

Course open to Freshman Students Only

No prior knowledge of Islam required. Assignments include compiling a portfolio of creative responses to the weekly readings using different media.

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