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CELTIC 187 - Literature of the Dispossessed: Gaelic Ireland, c.1600-1900 or return to Course Catalog Search

203293 – Section 001   

Faculty of Arts and SciencesCeltic Languages and LiteraturesNatasha Sumner
TermDay and TimeLocation
Spring 2016-2017  (show academic calendar)MW   10:00 a.m. - 10:59 a.m.Warren 201 (FAS)
4  (show credit conversion for other schools)

An introduction to Irish Gaelic poetry and prose of the seventeenth to nineteenth centuries, this course explores poets? preoccupations and creative impulses in a time of regular conflict and drastic sociopolitical change. Critical issues we will consider include, but are not limited to, the role(s) of the poet in society, tradition and innovation, orality, and intertextuality. All texts will be read in English translation.

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