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GOV 1093 - Ethics, Biotechnology, and the Future of Human Nature or return to Course Catalog Search

120670 – Section 001   

Faculty of Arts and SciencesGovernmentDouglas Melton and Michael Sandel
TermDay and TimeLocation
Fall 2016-2017  (show academic calendar)Tu   2:00 p.m. - 3:59 p.m.Sever 113 (FAS)
4  (show credit conversion for other schools)
Credit Level
Graduate and Undergraduate

Explores the moral, political, and scientific implications of new developments in biotechnology. Does science give us the power to alter human nature? If so, how should we exercise this power? The course examines the science and ethics of stem cell research, human cloning, sex selection, genetic engineering, eugenics, genetic discrimination, and human-animal hybrids.

Anti-req: Cannot be taken for credit if SCRB 60 already complete

theory_subfield Priority given to undergraduate students. May not be taken concurrently with SCRB 60. May not be taken for credit if SCRB 60 has already been taken. The course is open to both science and non-science concentrators. Ethical Reasoning 22 (Justice) is recommended as a background. This course, when taken for a letter grade, meets the General Education requirement for Ethical Reasoning.

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