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Cross-Registration §

Welcome to Harvard University Cross Registration!

Enrich your academic experience by exploring courses at Harvard and other local schools. Harvard's Course Catalog lists over 12,000 courses offered at Harvard University and MIT in over 100 departments. Courses span areas of study from Literature and Art to Architecture and Urban Studies to Applied Physics. We encourage you to peruse the courses in the Harvard Course Catalog and check with your home school registrar for information on school specific cross registration policies and procedures.

Click the appropriate link below for instructions and general information on cross registration

  • Cross Registration within Harvard and to MIT is no longer supported on this application.
  • Please cross register for Harvard and MIT courses at my.harvard.edu.
  • a) Verify with your home school registrar that your school is eligible to cross register into Tufts University, Brown University and Episcopal Divinity School and what the cross registration process is.
  • b) If eligible, print the Non-Harvard Petition Form and follow your school’s cross registration process.
  • Non Harvard Students must create an XID prior to Cross Registering for courses at Harvard University.
  • The XID will be used only for cross registration.
  • Be sure to use your school email address to create an XID
  • Your login name can be your school email address or you can choose a login name of your choice.
  • Once you create an XID, you will use your login name to log into Course Catalog to Cross Register for courses(find instructions to cross register for courses below)
  • Once you are enrolled in a course, you will be provided with a Harvard University ID (HUID) to access your course materials.

Click on the following link to create an XID - Harvard XID account.

  1. Log into Harvard University Course Catalog using your XID (School email address or login name) and password. Select the XID login prompt on the login page.
  2. Use the Search function to view the Course Catalog
  3. On the results page, select the ‘Eligible for cross registration’ link at the top of the left panel.
  4. Select a course title to view the course details.
  5. Click the “add to cross-registration petition list” check box on the course details page to add a course to your cross registration petition list. The checkbox is available when you are eligible to cross register for the course. You may add multiple courses to your petition list. Courses in your petition list will be saved until you delete them.
  6. To submit an online cross registration petition:

  7. If you are not already logged in, login to the Harvard University Course Catalog with XID
  8. Select “My Cross-Registration” page from the Home page. You can also access this page from the Search page, or Course Detail page.
  9. Go to the petition you want to submit.
  10. Select a grading option from the drop-down menu.
  11. Select a Credit level from the drop-down menu.
  12. Click ‘Submit Online Petition’.
  13. If prompted, enter your Program/Department , Degree Year, First Name, Middle Name, Last Name , Date of Birth, Gender, Home School ID, Home School Status, and Status of Harvard ID
  14. Click Confirm on the pop-up.

Each Instructor will receive an email alerting them that you are interested in cross-registering for their course. Instructors approve or deny student requests online.
You are not enrolled in a course until you receive email notification of enrollment from the Host School registrar.


Please visit MIT's Add/Drop application site to submit your Cross Registration requests.

Harvard Instructors will receive an email alerting them that you are interested in cross-registering for their course. Instructors approve or deny student requests online. For updates on the Instructor's decision, please check in the Add/Drop application.

You are not enrolled in a course until the Harvard Registrar has approved your petition.

You will no longer be able to use Harvard's Course Catalog and Cross Registration Application to cross register for Harvard courses.

  • Contact your Home School (school issuing your diploma) for information on eligibility, grading policies and fees.
  • Contact your Host School (school where you are cross registered) for information on grading options and credit level option for courses.
  • Students who are cross-registering must abide by the rules and regulations of both their Home School and the Host School. Please see the School-Specific Policies page for additional cross-registration information.
  • Cross-Registration deadlines for the Host and Home schools may differ. Cross Registration forms must be completed by the earlier of the two deadlines, (deadlines can be found on each school’s link)
  • Students enrolled in a course can drop the course by following the current add/drop procedures at their Home School.
  • Students should check the Credit Conversion Chart to determine how the Host School’s credit will translate into the Home School’s credit system.